Social Media & Blog’s

The Covenant has a number of Social Media platforms. Enjoy reading!

Clicking here will take you to a page with the Covenant’s Facebook pages.

Twitter   /   Pinterest
Clicking here will lead you to pages the Covenant have on Twitter and Pinterest.

Interfaith Blog
This is for the local and national Interfaith Representatives to report and keep us in touch with all their activities.

This is from the National Public Information Officer on events and press releases from the Covenant.

Social Justice Blog
This is from the Social Justice committee.

Brochures & Flyers
The CoG newsroom includes a number of brochures and flyers that are in a ready to print format for community events.

Press Releases
The Covenant of the Goddess issues various press releases on issues that are important to the organization.

Member’s Blogs
Clicking here will lead you to a page with blogs written by Covenant members.