Merry Meet and Grand Council

MerryMeet is the annual gathering for Covenant of the Goddess (CoG) and includes two days of workshops, rituals, lectures, local vendors and entertainment.  Concurrently, during MerryMeet the Covenant conducts its annual business meeting known as Grand Council (GC).  Grand Council is the forum for its members (covens and solitaries) to engage in a consensus process to discuss issues relevant to the operations of CoG, review national bylaw changes necessary in a changing world, to decide matters which require deliberation by the full membership, and to elect the national board of officers.  Grand Council provides a unique opportunity to observe the process of decision making utilizing the consensus process.

2019 MerryMeet will be held in New Mexico in August 2019.  Please visit CoG MerryMeet website.
The Leadership Institute is a one day session for all Witches and pagan clergy.

Each year the annual gathering is hosted by a Local Council or a group of dedicated Witches for the Covenant.
2016 MerryMeet was held in San Jose, California
2017 MerryMeet was held in Ontario, California
2018 Merry Meet was held in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.