Celebrating 40 Years

Since 1975

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The newsletter is published 8 times a year on the Sabbats including the latest activities by local councils, National Board, and community events. Click here.

MerryMeet / Grand Council

MerryMeet is the annual gathering for Covenant of the Goddess (CoG) and includes workshops, rituals, local vendors and entertainment. Concurrently, during MerryMeet, CoG conducts its annual business meeting known as Grand Council (GC). 2016 Registration Form.


What's Happening Around COG

Here are some of the community activities Covenant members are involved in. Image © 1984 by Amber K. Click Here

Representing Witches and Wiccans since 1975

As is consistent with the values and beliefs of our religion, the Covenant affirms our belief in the spiritual and social wisdom of peace in the world. We aspire to stand in fellowship with the people of all religions, cultures, and ethnicities in our shared desire for peace. We do this for the sake of our shared love of the Earth and all living things that dwell upon it.

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